Thursday, June 7, 2012

Love: A Good Redhead

This post isn't about the matches, or the women. Rather, I'd like to pay homage to redheaded men! Whilst watching 2 Broke Girls, the episode where Max runs into an Irish one-night stand she had in prison, I realised that redheaded men have attractive qualities too.

2 Broke Girls, 'And the One Night Stands'

Reminiscing about all the old TV shows I used to watch (yes, I've concluded that I've spent my whole life watching television) I realised that a lot of good-looking actors in them were redheaded men. So, here's to them! (Enjoy!)

In order of me noticing them:

New York's Finest, Jason Wiles. Best known for: Bosco in Third Watch.

Seth Green. Best known for: Oz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; voice of Chris in Family Guy

Eric Stoltz. Best known for: films in the 80s and 90s.

Kevin McKidd. Best known for: Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey's Anatomy

   Eddie Redmayne. Best known for: a bunch of Indie movies and Burberry ads.

 Tom Hiddleston. Best known for: Loki in Thor and The Avengers.

Zack Ward. Best known for: some b-grade movies and guest roles in popular TV shows.

Brian Robinson. Best known for: Max's crazy Irish ex in 2 Broke Girls.

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  1. agreed - i just saw the episode of two broke girls w brian robinson - that man is HUGE - he barely fit into the same screen as max. hot. Eddie Redmayne (seriously that's his last name?) had crazy red hair in Pillars of the Earth. Check it out!